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Colossloth - "Heathen Needles"

Cold Spring Records digiCD 2017 12.00euro
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On his second album, Colossloth continues his esoteric sonic crusade of volatile yet absorbing audio textures. Cold electronica, with swathes of rhythmic power noise and industrial harshness, tempered with penetrating song structures.

Eleven tracks of austere, reflective and exploratory electronics for journeys made into the hidden realms underpinning daily life, spanning the bridge between gnosis and praxis. The dissonance of opposites falling into elemental synthesis with a sound and approach influenced from the past, present and future, letting us remain anachronistic yet temporal voyeurs in the abyss evoked forth.


Track listing:

1. Justify Your Youth
2. Goodwill Scars
3. Comfort In Defeat
4. Heathen Needles
5. Lain Inert
6. We Had A Pact
7. There Will Be Islands
8. Marks Of Control
9. A Place Where Your Dreams Can Die Alone
10. Forcing The Error
11. Sedentary Signals

Barcode: 0641871745005

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