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Finally and after almost seven years since “In Hoc Signo Vinces” was released, LICHTERKLANG is proud to announce the release of “Republic”, the new opus of the Irish Martial Industrial project AREA BOMBARDMENT.  
„Republic“ marks the 10th anniversary of the band and was almost lost and forgotten on the hard-disc for six years for various reasons if the label would not have listened to it on a regular basis. It then took almost two years to get back in touch with Michael P. who agreed to finally release “Republic”. The tracks have been re-worked and remastered with some additional bonus stuff included.  
“Republic” is a conceptual work on the Irish history and the brave men that fought for their independence from England, proving that history and the Martial Industrial genre has more to offer than the constant relation to Third Reich related topics.

1. From The Ashes 2. Glorious Sun 3. In The Footsteps Of Titans 4. To Our Destiny 5. Republic 6. A Coming Plague 7. Kali Yuga 8. Lengsel 9. Blood And Steel 10. Nord 11. Suomen Sankari

medium: CD

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