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AENDLEX - "Driven By Night"

Rage in Eden Records CD 2016 12.00euro
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A journey of psych-folk experiences. Aendlex comes back with a work fully recorded in analog, the lyrics have been written in Venezuela and Italy. Take a trip into the highs and lows of these one man band memories...
New CD Aendlex - "Driven by Night" is 52 minutes,14 songs.

Aendlex - "Alma Gitana" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)


  1. Clear Trip
  2. I Still Remember
  3. Wayback Dust
  4. Low Candle
  5. Mind Breeze
  6. Alma Gitana
  7. Oblivion Road
  8. Ohrwum
  9. Roman Eyes
  10. Sketch of Doubt
  11. Twisted Mind
  12. Back On CC
  13. Avenida Intercomunal
  14. Winged Stone Blues
bands: AENDLEX
label: - Rage in Eden Records
medium: CD

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