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DAY BEFORE US - "Prélude à l'âme d'élégie"

OPN Records digisleve CD 12.00euro
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Day Before Us is a cinematic, neoclassic dark ambient and deep sound art project formed in 2011 by Philippe Blache. Full length releases have been published by Rage in Eden, Twilight Records (…) Slowly moving melancholic piano airs, tonal synth clusters, processed acoustic textures, lyrical themes and discreet experimentations characterize the compositional process and the stylistic inclination. 

Full tracklisting : 

1/ Lorsque la nuit lasse étreint l'inconnu 
2/ Ecstasy of the stigmatist 
3/ Voyna serdtsa 
4/ Alda börnom 
5/ Talk room 
6/ Rise of elegeia 
7/ Tempstarii 
8/ La somnanbule
released November 30, 2015
bands: Day Before Us
label: OPN Records
medium: CD
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