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1000schoen - Amish Glamour

Nitkie 2xCD Digisleeve , Ltd.500 16.00euro
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New milestone work on double CD from the german experimental music old stager Helge Siehl (ex-Maeror Tri) is devoted to destroying power of mankind, spreading its essence in war. The music is originated from the old photo made in times of WWII you can see at the albums cover - the air raid of allies over Kiel, which totally destroyed this city. 

Based on the vibrating sound of metal sheets and rhythmic patterns of bomb explosions, the music transposes this image to another dimension, embracing the tragical eminence of this eternal ritual of war.

Limited edition of 500 copies in a six-panel digipak.

Disc One:
1-1 - Paintings At The NightSky (19:12)
1-2 - One Step Before Jumping (21:50)
1-3 - Melting Glass (15:29)
Disc Two:
2-1 - Final Flow (13:05)
2-2 - Pervitin Dream (13:15)
2-3 - Burning Phosphorus (10:49)
label: Nitkie
medium: CD
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