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1000schoen - Yoshiwara

Nitkie 2xCD Digisleeve , Ltd.500 16.00euro
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Esoteric realism is the good term for 1000schoen works. With every new album, the meaning of this wordplay is getting more obvious, though also unexpected at the same time. "Yoshiwara" is not exception, it was first released by Kafue Systems in 2007, in very limited run on CDR with handmade photographic cover. The title should be familiar for those who knows the famous movie "Metropolis" by Fritz Lang, it was the nightclub where the main character Maria was working as the dancer. But it's also the red light district name, in 17th century Tokyo. However, the music we can find here can be hardly imagined as the soundtrack for the new version of "Metropolis". It's a trademark ambient symphony, with melodies dwelling somewhere on the edge of harmonic spheres. Both in short and long tracks, the impact is incredible - for the fans of experimental ambient sounds, it's another adventurous listening experience. This re-edition includes the second CD with two new and previously unreleased tracks, recorded in 2011


1-1- Sow (1:36)  
Bear Around (9:02)
Sowlong (26:41)  
Followed Your Steps (17:24)  
Yoshiwara (20:07)  
Bonus CD: "Unreleased"
2-1- Dronescape (15:00)  
Wave Of Subjects (9:00)

label: Nitkie
medium: CD
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