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RAJNA - "Offering"

Equilibrium Music digiCD 12.00euro
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With this new opus, "Offering", their 9th album and their first release for Equilibrium Music, Rajna continue their musical and cultural quest, crossing the Mediterranean and taking us over the Aegean islands, the Cyclades, Crete and Greece, towards Turkey, where Orient and Occident blend as one. 

Using a considerable selection of acoustic instruments, Rajna return to their roots, bringing back the more ethnic and organic melodies which highlight the beauty and intensity of ancient Mediterranean atmospheres. Although leaving only very limited space for electronics and modern technology on this album, songs like "The Dance of Cléomene", "Never Land" or "Quiet Hour" should still serve to please 80's music fans, with their subtle mixture between traditional and contemporary soundscapes. 

"Offering" unfolds like a dream, with the crystal clear voice of Jeanne, more present and authentic than ever, leading the symphonic orchestrations which touch both heart and senses in a journey towards serenity, along the sundrenched seashores of ancient rites and traditions. A peaceful walk along the wild and sunny cliffs of Greece, where you can almost breathe the sweet perfume of olive and orange trees shaken by the wind. An experience in time, back to hidden and forgotten worlds of the Antique, like a pathway to Eleusis and its sacred temples and mysteries... 

Sail away to the Aegean Sea towards an imaginary Mediterranean adventure with "Offering"... 

Available in Digipak CD.

Tracklist: 01. The Arrival (1:53) | 02. Ephesus (3:38) | 03. Cycléades (5:24) mp3 | 04. Offering (3:13) | 05. Eleusis (4:48) mp3 | 06. Illa Saldé (3:18) | 07. Epidauros (5:44) mp3 | 08. The Dance of Cléomene (4:44) mp3 | 09. Never Land (2:53) | 10. Quiet Hour (4:42) mp3
bands: Rajna
medium: CD
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