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A MINORITY OF ONE - Bathe in Fiery Answer

Autumn Wind Productions digipack CD 12.00euro
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A Minority Of One consists of Jason H. Craban, Markus Wolff, Arrowyn Craban, Jason O’neill- Butler, and James Woodh ead. 
Their from Portland, Oregon and play a really unique brand of ambient music, almost hard to describe ...
A variety of feelings, the forest, the wind, natural sounds, your mind wandering, folk of past and peasant lives.

From Jason Hovatter Craban: 
"This Collection of recordings is an exploration of decline and sickness, compost and collapse. 
Facing my own sickness and my relationship to that of close friends and family members. 
Contained here is the story of Nidhogg, who undermines and fells the world Tree. Gnawing at its roots exposing the rot of every choice made against our higher values and better intentions."

1 Wave Rolls (7:42) 
2 Cambry (Hart Of The Chyld) (13:58) 
3 Full Spectrum Dominance (6:18) 
4 Gnawer From Beneath (11:06) 
5 Lungs (5:02) 
6 Breath (3:41) 
7 Tomorrow Never Knows (4:48) 
8 Peat Fire Flame (4:46) 
9 She (9:50) 
label: Autumn Wind Productions
medium: CD

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