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DELEYAMAN - "Fourth, Part Two"

Equilibrium Music digiCD 13.00euro
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The sister release to 2009's "Fourth, Part One" (EQM026) sees Deleyaman incorporate a second full-time guitarist into their line-up. A new member who brings also a new dimension to this peculiar band, by adding and expanding on the elements of Post-Rock / Shoegaze which Deleyaman had already hinted at on previous recordings. Deleyaman's singular style, which blends Darkwave and Alternative Folk into one, collects and re-invents elements of different genres into an artistic vision which feeds as much from literature as it does from ethnic-tinged experimentation and ethereal music. "Fourth, Part Two" portrays Deleyaman as introspective as ever, with the use of poetry (which on this recording comes from the works of Edna St-Vincent Millay, Karl Shapiro, Ralph W. Emerson or Sydney Lanier, among others) taking on a prominent role, as the voices of Beatrice and Aret weave closely into the music to provide each word with its appropriate setting and mood. Presented in Digipak format, with a 20-page booklet. 

Tracklist: 01. 01. Change Things | 02. Three Islands | 03. Let the Wind Blow | 04. Brahma | 05. Sunset | 06. Somewhere | 07. Owl | 08. Sweet Space | 09. North Winds | 10. September Song | 11. Perhaps

Official site: www.deleyaman.com
Deleyaman on MySpace: www.myspace.com/deleyaman
medium: CD
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