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Wicked King Wicker - "God Is Busy... Save Yourself"

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Wicked King Wicker is pure doom. Their brand of guttural expression strips away the rock n roll base and leaves nothing for the listener than the caustic reality of the darkest side of life. It is heavy, barbaric and void of hope. Wicked King Wicker has taken the power of doom metal and added noise to mix to make its point - a point that While their style is not for everyone, the number of people being turned on by their nihilism is growing fast. There are lots of labels that can apply to their music, and other bands with a similar approach to theirs, but the bottom line is Wicked King Wicker is unique, and their extreme doom stands alone as the heaviest, most brutal doom imaginable and it may take you places you don’t want to go.

“God Is Busy… Save Yourself” is WKW's 6th album, and their first released outside of the U.S.

WKW has been celebrated by loyal listeners around the world, as well as in the mainstream music press such as Terrorizer magazine, which gave the band’s first two albums 8.5 ratings.

MP3 Sample: 'Those Who Bear Responsibility'
MP3 Sample: 'Call My Name Sweet Demon, So I Know I Am Not Alone

medium: CD
label: Cold Spring Records
bands: Wicked King Wicker

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