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Antisisters - “UNZ!”

Shadowplay Records CD 12.00euro
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01. Saint Sinner
02. Fucked By Angels
03. Kraft Und Energie
04. Grayscale Dreams
05. Creation
06. Clay
07. Smiling
08. No Never Again
09. Catch My Falling Star
10. Saint Sinner (Supremus Plastice Mix)

The new album of the Moscow hitmakers is not pretended to something unusual or some kind of sensation. It devotes to the same problems and feelings as before - love on the edge of the death and life, sex on the edge of the madness, the grief of loss and the happy of regainment.
"The main feature of the new work is the idea of unity of that quality that so rarely is presented among people that seems close to you. In three letters is put not the sound of the dance rhythm but…it's difficult to explain the name "UNZ!". It's something that can realize in a whole world just our close friends. This name is certain code and the key to it is available just to a few people that are very close to us. "UNZ" is the consonance in which we put our certain sense that close to word WE and OUR. Unsere Neue Zeitung (Our new time) - this formula began logical point after the album releasing."

OFFICAIL SITE: http://antisisters.com

bands: Antisisters
label: Shadowplay Records
medium: CD

Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone - 2006 - Waroffice - Nota prawna