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Ataraxia - "La Malediction d'ondine"

Twilight Records CD 12.00euro
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One of the most important and famous act into the medieval music is now part of Twilight Records. Ataraxia has a long career into the scene and lot of albums wich let the band in the higger status of the genere.

Now Twilight Records is releasing the old and exellent album LMD , wich take inspiration on the Greek mithology, one of the more beautifull works of the band. This time with a new cover design and in a nice digipack .

The following are few words regarding this album concept :
...envelopped by the waves, dragged by the streams of the rivers, sucked by the gloomy overflowingats of the laOnkes the echo of the up and down of many female souls repeats itself an infinite number of times, we've heard that dirge, we've transformed it into some songs and we are repeating the same tune like the echo of an echo to you, oh listener...

Ondine were nymphs of the streams, of the marshes, of the lacustrine surfaces, they were both women and Goddesses, a medley far from perfection, Ondine could kill dragging us in the whirlpool of their pain and death, always consumed by water, Ondine could love passionately, just like women, with all the sublime burden of their primordial instinct. La malédiction d' Ondine it's also a curse, the neurologists describe it as an apnoea that happens while sleeping, if someone doesn't wake-up in time it will probably wake-up somewhere else, anchored to the seaweeds braids of a deep sea or stranded on a branckish smell beach....

track list
º Medusa
º Sybil
º Flora
º Blanche
º Annabel Lee
º Astimelusa
º June
º Lubna
º Ligeia
º Ophélie
º Lucretia
º Eelia
º Lucrecia
º Ondine


label: Twilight Records
medium: CD

Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone - 2006 - Waroffice - Nota prawna