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Genotype - "Origins"

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For years Cenotype has been active in the New York City industrial scene, and after much fevered anticipation finally unleashes his debut CD with all of the kinetic energy of an underwater nuclear test. With a nod towards the early Daft/Ant Zen sound, Origins is 10 tracks of chest-kicking industrial rhythms and murky black ambience.

Like some archaic destruction machine, Origins unfolds in waves of grinding steel and arcs of white-hot electricity. Bass kicks warp and buzz below thick slabs of dirty ambient rumbling, and the violent churning rhythms make movement absolutely mandatory. This isn't armchair mood music, this is the soundtrack to an army of machines smashing your city to glass dust.

Featuring a collaboration with Navicon Torture Technologies, and mastered by Brian Redmond.

01. Sinking
02. Save Me
03. Pieces             
04. Skip Trace
05. Think It and It Will Be
06. The Mind Wanders             
07. Is             
08. She's Dead... Requiem             
09. Justice (Featuring Navicon Torture Technologies)
10. Unearthed              

bands: Genotype
label: Hive Records
medium: CD

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