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Hypnoz - "Chronica Plennyh"

Insofar Vapor Bulk CD 2006 6.72euro
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"Chronica Plennyh" is the first album of Hypnoz, or better not, it's rather mystical-sonic notes of Dmitry Zubov, very personal and disgracefully sincere, shocking with their non-standard approach to recording. For instance, on a track "Elektrichestvo" he plays backand forth the recording of laughing of his friend Roman S. (project Staruha Mha) who took LSD-25 for the first time, plus overlay of glass breaking by metal crow-bar at his home, altogether mixed with sounds of boiler-room. Or recording session with a man who was imprisoned for a murder ("Serdcebienie"). The 9th track "Radio "Artem" is dedicated to the fond memories of Artyom Grechko (silly and funny man, founder of a style "dispanser rock"), brutally killed at a spring in a sleeping-quarter somewhere in Moscow. After listening to 14 tracks one unwittingly finds himself in a dark space realm of unknown sides of Russian soul. As author says himself, he's been travelling there often
bands: Hypnoz
label: Insofar Vapor Bulk
medium: CD

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