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Sonic Surgeon - "46"

Kaosthetik Konspiration CD 2010, 3 panel digisleeve 6.72euro
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Experimental Electronics

[20 songs for 53 mn + video clip as multimedia]


Enigmatically named 46, 46th Street, minute, year, whatever, this experimental album covers a wide spectrum of contemporary influences, from rock to noise. Mostly electro, even imitating the classic rock (pretty style exercise in "Do not believe in rock 'n' roll),  Sonic Surgeon retains rock energy, punk irony, the noise the taste of the border, sound limits.


Spirited, undecidable, the album seamlessly embeds into your soundscapes contrasting sequences apocalyptic haunting (from "Irreligion" the countdown shaped firing of "16 bits") are followed by strong tribal atmospheres chiseled ("Same old song"), Japanese drums and chants, and suddenly the ghost of a Central European violin alters the vibrations of a haunting Velvet Underground-like intro ("Velvet", actually).


Then in the most experimental album, they are fields of signals, sonar or animal noises that seem archaic welling up through the ground screed ("Underground"). And again tilt the earth to heaven, expand the following pieces of a sudden the space with a lot of layers Coruscant. The road ends in a fashion almost shamanic the rhythm of a dying body, I lay Dying have a sound where the heartbeat is the only anchor in a world coming undone ("Dead Ringers").


As a bonus, a David Lynch-like video clip signed Magali Marc on the song "Irreligion" ; oppressive succession plans in black and white evoke the premise of hunting, war coming, objectives, binoculars, devices Visual masking and the protagonists are the real distance, while through a loudspeaker, a voice chanted overriding warnings incomprehensible. Then mounts a dull rhythm and unexpected sound of an instrument invented by Sonic Surgeon kind of horn with a powerful voice, modulated, thus raising the attack, the lid of oppressive sheets, and takes off towards a dawn burning and unresolved.


+ + + Additional track: "To the River", dub-step variation on the theme of the spell caused Sasquash with Atlan in the role of pied piper, recorded in the studio hard in Arsenal label Senseless records.
An album held, restrained, resulting from the collaboration of two musicians who have behind them a solo career in various musical and cultural areas, low-fi Japanese and European experimental, or vice versa. And finally a sound that goes to the essentials without showing off, keeping a distance technology: he is first to remain enrolled in the universe of bodies, to continue the vital rates, d embody sensation, with a sort of authority, accuracy and cheerful.



bands: Sonic Surgeon
label: Kaosthetik Konspiration
medium: CD

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