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Miel Noir / B-Machina – "Weiss"

The Eastern Front CDr 6 page full-colour laminated fold, lim. 300 4.48euro
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Edition of 300 copies
6 page full-colour laminated  fold
Release date: March 31,  2008

Industrial War Melancholy

"Weiß" is a split of two projects: Austrian B-Machina and German-Bulgarian Miel Noir

Miel Noir which was created in 2007 is a side project of Dimo D. from Svarrogh, Allerseelen and Sturmpercht. Miel Noir sound , concept and atmosphere differ from Dimo's main project Svarrogh, it's another way and another music.  Miel Noir will perform live for the first time on MLB Festival in Madrid on 31 May, 2008 and those who will be lucky to attend this great event will hear the Miel Noir premiere performance. 6 melancholic industrial tracks adorned with deep unique Dimo's vocal are titled «Miel I, II, III, IV, V, VI» and run about 25 minutes.

B-Machina is former well-known industrial act Bonemchine from Austria present 16 tracks on Weiss while only 3 tracks «The Color Of My Innocence», «Fahne Empor!» and «Wald aus Stein & Rost» are full tracks and the other 13 tracks is silence completing perfectly the concept of the album.

Weiss album comes in quantity of 300 hand numbered copies in CD-R format in glossy high quality 3-folded hard paper packing. Artwork designed by A.W. is fulfilled in quiet misty colors and with original photos of Dimo D.

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bands: Miel Noir
label: The Eastern Front
medium: CDr

Wszelkie prawa zastrzeżone - 2006 - Waroffice - Nota prawna