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Golevka was sold out for a couple of years, but now trought Twilight records is available again.

The Evpatoria Report was born in January 2002 and the band consists of two guitars, a bass, drums, a violin and a keyboard.
The band offers an instrumental rock combining serenity, power and intensity. In order to enrich some of its compositions, The Evpatoria Report is willing to collaborate with other musicians, as it was the case with Reverse Engineering, the Orchestra of Ribaupierre or the Union Choral society of Vevey.

" Golevka " is not only the name of this album, but it is also actually the name of an asteroid (6489 Golevka), to be precise, that was discovered in the town of Evpatoria in Ukraine in 1991. See where this is going? Golevka the asteroid is an Alinda asteroid, which means its orbital path takes it perilously close to the Earth once every four years. This fascination with space is something that crops up again and again with this band, providing a theme for their music that can be understood, no matter what the preferred language of the listener is.

For fans of Mogwai, Sigur ros, etc.... An amazing travel trought the outer space....you will never forget this album once you listen it!

track list
º Prognoz
º Taijin Kyofusho [MP3]
º Cosmic Call
º C.C.S. Logbook [MP3]
º Optimal Region Selector [MP3]
º Dipole Experiment


bands: The Evpatoria Report
label: Twilight Records
medium: CD

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